The Beginning

It is 22–2–22, so I thought it would to begin the journey for our vision our plans for the future here today.

We are Ciridium, a technology company that consists of various strands of endeavour. We have interests in finance, technology and creativity, primarily photography, film and art. As such we have developed a brand to combine them all, notably CIRIDIUM.

Ciridium was derived after a long period of brainstorming and we came at the value that people hold dear to this day and the constant battle between Blockchain and the world’s most used currencies and precious metals as a form of inspiration.

Our company’s brand is to add value to the creative sector so we needed a brand that would denote creative value. We also wanted to be disruptive and use the latest tech notably Web 3, we loved the people and the tech in this space. As such we looked at Creative Gold like meaning and looked at other precious metals likely to be taken already online and as brands.

We then came down the list of the top ten metals and came to Iridium, a precious metal that is a hard, silvery metal and unreactive like Gold, like us unreactive to our focus and determination to make our creative projects work. Also, a very high density and melting point. Like us we can endure high levels of pressure and heat and still endure. Lastly, it is corrosion resistant, possibly the most in the world’s materials, so is hard wearing and long lasting, a bit like us.

So this creative, lasting precious metal seemed to denote powerful value, so we use this as VALUE and as we are seeking to disrupt the creative sector, we abbreviated creativity and replaced value to get Creative Iridium or CIRIDIUM. There you go, some logic applied from the chaos of our brains.

This brand will encompass the various ventures we have going on to build a new technology and universe that these will feed into the C-Verse, a broad scope universe that the projects of Ciridium brand will exist in the future of Web3 and beyond.

The current aspects and projects existing and being built on in Web 2 spaces will be upgraded and adjusted into this web 3 infastructure to become connected and interacted with each other into this global umbrella brand Ciridium.

This is a project of immense endeavour and ambition. We do not know what the future will hold, but it is exciting and immense and we look forward to journeying with you on this path.

We will take Bold steps onwards no matter what we will face, and invite you to share the excitement with us, the ups and downs the ins and outs and the new worlds and technologies that are yet to come.

We are innovators, scientists and artists and creators. We love to form ideas, discuss them, create them, form them, shape them into the future that we walk into together as One, a universe yet to be explored, stories yet to be told, a journey of self and co-discovery and we welcome you all to participate and join us in this creation.

A universe of incubation, co-creativity and collective wisdom and a plethora of happiness and fun and wealth building (both inner and outer).

As you can see from this rather rushed download of information from myself the Founder of Ciridium, I do not have all the answers nor am I completely un-mad in my ideas yet after all Jobs who said to us here’s to the crazy ones and we all nod in agreement yet how many stand and take action on their ideas.

This day is historical in its date of 22–2–22, so let us use this to create something new, powerful and fun.

Welcome to the Mad Laboratory of Ciridium where we will conduct creative experiments of the future of creativity. If you wish to join us get in touch.

We will see you in the C-Verse. Stay blessed and happy. We are all equal, we are all profound, we are all connected, We are all one. Onwards my friends.

Planet Ciridium Out.




A mixture of mad creative & tech energy, with a sprinkle of unstoppable determination, fun and community.

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A mixture of mad creative & tech energy, with a sprinkle of unstoppable determination, fun and community.

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